Italian manufacturer A/V

The Italian manufacturer
in professional V/A supports

Other Italian brands
are usually small manufacturers
or sell other brand’s ( often foreign) products,
or only sell products for home use

has been designing and producing Video/Audio supports
for more than thirty years.
It specializes in professional installations
where resistance, rapidity in installation, quality
and specific solutions are required
and only an Italian manufacturer can deliver

Our Story

19 0

Omb begins its journey as a manufacturer of couplings for electrical systems

19 0

Audio and Video become our mainstay

20 0

Acquisition of the L&C brand
becoming a reference supplier for the B2C sector

20 0

Acquisition of the company ITB Solutions
becoming a leading supplier in Italy
in assembly solutions for the A / V sector

Today our production capacity


Of wall supports per year

0 000

Floor stands


distributors in the world


We are expert manufacturers of Video and Audio supports:
we know that the right choice of materials, their mix and the production process can make the big difference in terms of results.

Our aim: to offer our professional customers a top quality result combined with maximum flexibility.

We manufacture easy to install professional solutions solutions designed to exalt Video and Audio technologies.

We invest in Research and Development, to maintain our high quality standards and propose innovative solutions which are often copied by others.


Our products are always one step ahead in terms of quality and they guarantee a high professional standard.

We are very different from the low cost productions of the oriental countries, even if they are distributed by European brands.

Our production system also contemplates small batches: in this way we can satisfy the specific needs of all our customers.

We can tailor solutions to meet everyone’s needs: we are the ideal partner for both installation professionals and General Contractors.

For years our products have been chosen for large facilities: such as airports, train stations malls, cruise ships.

All over the world: omb products can be found worldwide

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