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Extended information  on the use of cookies by this site pursuant to art. 13 EU Regulation 679/2016 (“GDPR”) and Legislative Decree 196/2003

Cookies Policy explains what cookies are, how they are used, their purpose on the part of

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 from here on

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data controller, with headquarters in

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 , as well as how to refuse or delete cookies on this web site (http://


Users  may exercise their rights set forth by the(EU)  Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council of the 27th April 2016 relative to the protection of natural persons with regards to the treatment of personal data and implementing legislation ( here below, jointly, the Regulation ), by writing to If the Users wish to modify settings on cookies this can be done by following the instructions available in this Cookie Policy.

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 has nominated ex art. 37 ss of the Regulation a Data Protection Officer (DPO), with chosen address for this office at the legal representative’s address contactable at the following e-mail:

Users may express their consent to the use of cookies by continuing to browse the Site, or by scrolling and clicking on the internal link of the Site‘s pages, or by clicking on the “x” key of the concise information visible ( bottom right) at every first access to the Site, as envisaged by the disposition of the Ombudsman for the protection of personal data (n. 229 of 8th May 2014)

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s computer by the user’s web browser while the user is browsing. Cookie files are automatically lodged into the cookie file – the memory of your browser- and each one typically contains: the name of the server the cookie was sent from, the life time of the cookie, and a value – usually a randomly generated unique number. At each subsequent visit the cookies are sent to the website that originated them ( first- party cookies) or to another site that recognizes them ( third-party cookies) .Cookies are useful because they can unlock a computer’s memory and allow a website to recognise users when they return to a site. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, memorize favourite websites, and in general, improve the user’s browsing experience. They also enable publishers to serve adverts targeted to a user’s interests, so in theory having a greater chance of being relevant to the user.

If the user should decide to disable the cookies, this could influence and/or limit his browsing experience on the websites, for example, the user might not be able to visit specific sections of the website or the user might not receive tailored information when visiting the websites.

How do cookies work and how can they be deleted?

The operational modes, as well as the options for limiting or blocking cookies, can be regulated by changing the browser settings. Most internet browsers are initially set to accept cookies automatically. The user may, however, change these settings to block the cookies or to be informed every time cookies are sent to his computer. There are various ways of managing cookies. To do so the user must refer to the instruction manual  or to the assist screen in order to verify how to regulate or modify the settings. The user may modify the default configuration and disable the cookies, ( block them definitively), by setting the highest protection level.

Here below is how to manage cookies from the following browsers:



If the user uses diverse devices to visualize and access the Sites ( eg computer, smartphone, tablet, etc), he must make sure that each browser on each device is regulated to reflect his preferences with regards to the cookies. To delete the cookies from the browser of his smartphone/tablet he must refer to the instruction manual of the device in question.

For how long is your Personal Data processed?

Your Personal Data will be processed by

Omb Srl

limited to what is strictly necessary to achieve the purposes of the here present Cookie Policy. In particular, your Personal Data will be processed for a period of time equal to the minimum necessary as indicated by the recital 39 of the Regulation, and however, until the opposition of the Processing on your behalf and/ or  cancellation of the consent where requested.

Third-part cookies have the duration indicated in the respective cookie policies.

What kind and what category of cookies is used by

Omb Srl

 and for what purpose?
I Websites use diverse types of cookies each of which have a specific function.

Omb Srl

 uses cookies to make its Site user friendly and tailor make its products to the interests and needs of the users, Cookies may also be used to speed up the users’ future activities and experiences on the sites. Furthermore, 

Omb Srl

 uses cookies to draw up anonymous aggregated statistics which provides an insight on how to improve the structure and content of the Site.


Here below is an explanatory list.


Technical cookies

Technical cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the Websites and they permit the users to surf the web and benefit from its features ( eg memorize the previous activities or save the user’s session  and/or carry out other activities strictly necessary to the functioning of the Sites).

Analytical cookies also belong to this category

Omb Srl

  Analytical cookies are used to track users on the website: how they browse, the last page visited, the number of sections and pages visited, the length of time spent on the Site. Analytical cookies are essential in measuring the performance of a website and how to optimize it.This data could be associated to details of the user such as IP address, domain or browser. However, this data does not allow for the identification of particular individuals These cookies are collected and aggregated anonymously and permit

Omb Srl

 to offer users the best possible experience on its Site.


Finally, functionality cookies permit the Site to memorize the users’ choices (eg user name) so as to offer a more personalized and optimized web experience. Functionality cookies aren’t essential to the functioning of the Site, but they do improve the quality of the web and enhance the web experience. If, however, the user decides not to accept these cookies, he must bear in mind that the Sites performance would not be 100% and access to contents on the Site would be limited.

Cookie profiling

Cookie targeting or profiling cookies are used to provide contents which are most suitable to the interests of the user. They can be used to view targeted ads based on the interest of the user. They can also be used to limit the times the user views an ad. Furthermore, these cookies help measure the efficiency of an advertising campaign on the Site

Omb Srl

 could use these cookies to remind the user of the Site visited and share this information with third parties, including agencies and advertisers who in turn could use their cookies to collect information on the user’s activities on the Sites.

Cookie sharing ( or social network) permits the user to interact on the Site through his social account and can be used, for example, to express  an appreciation and share it with his social contacts.

Omb Srl’s site

 uses or could use on their own or in combination:

  • session cookies” are memorized on the computer of the user  merely for technical and functional needs to ensure a safe and efficient site exploration; session cookies are temporary ; when the browser is closed, the computer will automatically delete them all;
  • persistent cookies”  remain memorized on the computer’s  hard disc until their expiration date or cancellation by user. Through these cookies, users can have access to sites and are automatically recognized at every visit.

Third-party Cookies

When a user uses the Site, it’s possible that some cookies not controlled by

Omb Srl

. are memorized. This occurs when, for example, the user visits a page with contents of a third party website. Consequently, the user will receive cookies from this third party. 

Omb Srl

 has no control over the information supplied by the third-party cookies and has no access to such data . This information is exclusively controlled by the third-party companies as described in their private policy.

The following table shows the third-party cookies on the site of

Omb Srl

. These are under the direct and exclusive responsibility of the  third-party manager and are subdivided in the following general categories:

  • Analytical: are cookies used to collect and analyse statistical information on access/visit to the website. In some cases, associated to other information such as login credentials to confidential areas ( personal email address and its password), they can be used to profile the user ( personal habits, sites visited, contents downloaded, types of interaction performed, etc).
  • Widgets. This category embraces all those graphical components of a user interface of a programme, with the aim is to facilitate the user ‘s interaction with the said programme, eg Facebook, Google+, Twitter cookies are widgets
  • Advertsing. This category includes all cookies used to deliver advertising services within a site.

If a user does not wish to receive third-party cookies on his device, he can, via the links here below, have access to the information and consent forms of fore-said third-parties and  exclude their receipt. 

These cookies are not directly controlled by this Site, therefore to revoke the consent it  is necessary to consult the websites of the third-parties or refer to the site to obtain information on how to delete or manage the cookies in accordance with the browser used and to manage the preferences on third-party profiling cookies









Facebook, if the user gives his consent, may process his personal data to enable him to experience a navigation enriched with functionality and social network services via the Condé Nast Sites.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. Google uses personal data collected in order to trace and examine the use of the Sites, compile reports and share them with other services developed by Google.
Google may use the personal data to contextualize and customize the adverts of its own advertising network .


Google Tag Manager



The activation of these advertising functions enables Google Analytics to collect traffic data via   cookies for  Google advertising and anonymous identifiers, plus the data collected via standard deployment by Google Analytics. The Webs collect and use the data from the advertising based on the interests of Google or the data on third-party audiences ( eg age, sex, interests) of   Google Analytics and the functions of Google Analytics implemented on the basis of the display advertising( eg re-marketing, reports on demographic data and interests of Google Analytics) only for statistical purposes and audience analysis. The data is collected and aggregated anonymously via proprietary software or third-parties (eg. Google Analytics). The Sites and third-party suppliers, amongst which  Google, use both first-party cookies ( as  Google Analytics cookies) and  third-party cookies (as  DoubleClick cookies) to inform, optimize and serve ads on the basis of the user’s previous visits to the Sites i


Google +



Through the Sites, Google, once the user has given his consent, may process his personal data to offer him a  browsing experience enriched with functionality and social network services.





Through the sites, Instagram,once the user has given his consent, may process his personal data to offer him a browsing experience enriched with functionality and social network services .





Through the sites, Twitter,once the user has given his consent, may process his personal data to offer him a browsing experience enriched with functionality and social network services.





YouTube is a viewing service of video contents managed by  Google Inc. that allows to integrate such contents within the pages of the Sites.


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