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Spare Parts Request or Authorization for Intervention for Defective Material

We ask you to follow the instructions below, in order to serve you soon and better:

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1. Download the request format to the following address ( PDF )

2. Carefully fill in the request format

3. Send the request form by e-mail or fax

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    4. After sending the request you can contact the Omb assistance service to get more information and evaluate the sending of the product.


Can I purchase the omb products directly from the factory?

We sell directly just to distributors of Audio / Video accessories and Software System Integrators. You can contact directly our Design and Development Dept. for particular supplies like, for instance, custom solutions for big installations.


If I need assistance, whom can I contact?

In omb web site are available installation diagrams for our standard products. For special productions or industrial installations, you can contact our Development and Design Department.


How long is the omb warranty?

The European law provides, for professional users, only 12 months warranty but we are so sure of the high quality of our products that we provide 60 months, in other words 5 years from time of purchase.


Other brands give the product already pre-mounted why yours are not?

We deliver most of our products not pre-mounted to allow the professionals to make the right adjustments and controls. The pre-assembly is done in our factory anytime these custom adjustments are not necessary.


How can I orientate myself inside your assortment?

Our production has two methods of classification: the first is the place, with 3 types of installations (wall, ceiling and floor); the second is the type, with 8 installation categories (video-wall, lift, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, dynamic wall supports, projection, table-mounted, audio speakers).


What does it mean that you can make ad-hoc productions?

Our Development and Design Department, under particular needs, can develop specific products that we manufacture in our factory. Of course, we can develop and manufacture specific solutions but for economic batches checked case-by-case.



The omb supports in which way have to be installed?

All omb supports (wall or ceiling) are equipped with precise assembly diagrams, which guide to quick installation through images.


How long does it take to install an omb support?

There is, of course, no standard time; however, in omb, we design each support to simplify installation and allow professionals to do a good job in the shortest possible time.


Is it very complicated to install an omb video wall support?

We design video wall mounts for saving time installation and maintenance thanks to the assembly template and in-out system.


Where do I find the installation diagrams?

Each package contains the respective installation diagrams; in addition, on our dynamic catalog there are both the installation diagrams and the 3D version.



It usually happens that with normal supports the back of the flat monitors with inside speakers vibrates at high volume: does it happens also with your supports?

We design all our plate mounts in order to prevent and dissipate the vibrations caused by the speakers installed inside flat monitors, especially when they work at high volume.


Which materials do you use to manufacture your supports?

Iron and steel, with numerical control precision laser cutting; individually controlled mechanical welds; low environmental impact paints; steel made joint screws.


The weight indicated in the instructions that each support can bear, what does it refer to?

For each of our products is disclosed a specific flow rate which is normally much lower than the true tested. Unpredictable events like failure of the wall or an incorrect installation are out of the guarantee.


What tools are need for installing your supports?

A drill with a set of points suitable for the installation wall; a set of allen key, some screwdrivers and a level. Nothing more.


Did you foresee the possibility that someone does wrong installation holes?

It’s possible to make some wrong installation hole, that’s why many of our wall supports have a plate rotation system, just to clear any misalignments of the base.