Real Installations

Omb’s products are
every day since almost 30 years
installed in public as well private places

Here you may find
some sample and idea
installed both with standard products
or with products developed by us ad hoc







Professional hospitality industry loves to
pay care of hosts
in each singular detail.

In a lot of years of partnership with
large chains as well as individual hotels
we have translated this needs with products
properly studied for them.


The education process is easiest if supported
by good images

We design and develop
for Schools and University
supports and brackets for
modern Video and Audio devices.

Meeting & Conference

Efficiency and style, this is what
architects look for when designing a meeting

Our supports,
developed and manufactured with quality
raw materials
to last a long time,
meet this goal.

Digital Signage

The modern technology provides beautiful
and innovative devices
to communicate
in wide and crowded spaces.

We take care of this purpose providing
strong but hidden supports
in order for leaving full stage to
communication and images.

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