Ad Hoc Solutions

Omb can manufacture
customized solutions
for professional installations

Total control of the process,
from design to production,
allows to Omb
modify each product
according to specific needs
of each installation

This way come out ad hoc solutions for
cruising ships, railway stations,
schools, university,
hospitals, conference rooms,
and many else more

Omb‘s ad hoc system

(only 5 steps)

1. CONTACT Uff. Design office of omb

2. NEEDS describe what you need
(installation, measure, product, specificity, …)

3. PROPOSAL we develop solutions

4. COSTS we elaborate a price quotation

5. APPROVAL and delivery

The costs of an ad hoc product
may a little be different
from those of a standard product
but at Omb
they are less than you think
because total control of the
production chain
allows always us a high relationship
quality / price.

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